Capital Investment Advisers TREND INVESTING MODEL: achieving resilience the face of recession and inflation

Capital Investment Advisers is a Long Beach, California-based independent financial advisory with a hands on approach to financial guidance, always putting the client’s interests first. Unlike many large firms that prioritize proprietary products and achieving sales quotas, Capital Investment Advisers seek to act as educators and coaches as well as financial advisers.

Our successful cooperation with Capital Investment Advisers started in 2021, at the time when traditional asset classes all traded near all-time highs and investors needed ways to diversify their investment risk.

Together, we developed a portfolio that offers investors a well balanced exposure across more than 30 different financial and commodity markets that include energy, metals, agricultural commodities, equities, treasuries as well as a variety of FX pairs, all through appropriate ETFs. The portfolio’s objective is to achieve greater resilience in the face of recession and inflation which we could experience over the coming years.

The portfolio management process based on I-System Trend Following makes it possible for investors to benefit from commodity price inflation and even to profit from a significant bear markets in stocks and bonds should such scenarios unfold.

Trend Investing Model is available to US investors or investors with a US address.

You can learn more at the Trend Investing Model page on Capital Investment Advisers website or write us to

You can view a podcast discussion between the Capital Investment Advisers principal, Emerson Fersch and Alex Krainer of I-System Trend Following in the following YouTube video: