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One thing I have learned over time is the best thing to do is let market price action guide your decision-making and then try to understand the fundamentals as they become more evident and comprehensible.”

Paul Tudor Jones (May 2020 newsletter)

For decades, trend following has proven as one of the best strategies in active investment management. It can also be a powerful tool in generating value in hedging.

We’ve worked for over 20 years to create the best trend following model of its kind. The result of our efforts is I-System, a powerful A.I. knowledge framework capable of formulating and tracking thousands of trading strategies in any security market.

I-System enabled us to consistently outperform our strategy benchmarks from 2007 to 2019, including the world’s leading CTAs as tracked by DowJones Credit Suisse index of Blue Chip Managed Futures Funds (2007-2013, audited by KPMG).



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