Over the last two decades, tens of millions of people have opted to open brokerage accounts and manage their own investment portfolios. However, according to those brokerage’s figures, as many as 76% of them lose money. The reason is that they trade either with flawed strategies or no strategy at all.

Particularly today, at the foot of the new commodity super-cycle and the probable bursting of the financial asset bubble, investors should strongly consider trend following to guide their investment decisions. My book will be available for FREE (kindle version) through Thursday, 8th April at this link: Alex Krainer’s Trend Following Bible. Amazon might ask you to download from your local shop (.fr, .co.uk, etc.). Also a word of warning: this book overlaps with “Mastering Uncertainty” by about 40% – this is a much improved, updated version.

2 thoughts on “Invest profitably for the long-term, with confidence and peace of mind!

  1. Hi Alex, I enjoyed your interview on Covel’s podcost. I’m interested in reading you Trend Following Bible, but would prefer to not support Amazon, is there another way to get an electronic copy?


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